What is Gooseberries – Facts, Benefits, Storage and Preparation Tips

 Suoer Fruit

Gooseberries are Suoer Fruit, Gooseberries absorb minerals in the body

Gooseberries, Known to be the healthiest of all fruits, gooseberries are considered to be loaded with nutrients. In fact, the ‘super-fruit’ contains as much as two time more Vitamin C than orange. It should be eaten raw to be able to extract more benefit out of it. Being easily available in the market ensures that more people have access to it. The fruit can be consumed in various forms – raw, dry, juiced or even mixed with other ingredients.

Apart from being rich in Vitamin C, gooseberries have a high amount of fiber and low sugar content. The fruit contains minerals such as Vitamin B complex, iron, calcium, carotene, and phosphorus. Hence, including gooseberries in your diet certainly has several benefits when compared to most fruits found in nature.

Health Benefits of Gooseberries

Gooseberries have great antioxidant properties. It is also beneficial for treating problems such as loss of hair, issues with the eyes and skin. Apart from these benefits, gooseberries also prove to be amazingly helpful to ensure the proper functioning of the urinary system. It lowers acidity levels, strengthens the liver, tones muscles, and aids in making the lungs strong.

There are more benefits of gooseberries than you can even think of. In addition to curing a number of diseases, gooseberries can cure swellings and are stated to be extremely helpful in fighting cancer as well. Due to poor metabolic rate, people tend to have a tendency to gain weight fast. Eating gooseberries will increase the metabolic rate a great deal. Since gooseberry helps in increasing the metabolic rate of the body to accelerate the fat burning process, in turn, it cuts down excess body fat while helping you to remain slim.

Gooseberries absorb minerals in the body and hence facilitates digestion. It is quite gentle on the digestive system and its consumption also warms up the body. Thus it is an incredible fruit found in nature that should be a part of our daily diet as it increases the body’s immunity greatly.

The fruit is not just beneficial for cleansing the body from deep inside but also reduces problems related to the skin. Application of gooseberry paste on acne prone skin for 10-15 minutes can make a great difference. When mixed with certain other ingredients and regularly using the paste on the facial skin aids in making the face soft and glowing.

Extracting the juice of gooseberries and applying on the scalp enables arresting hair fall problems. With continuous use it can even increase hair growth. For menstrual disorders, intake of mixed of boiled gooseberry pulp in honey twice a day can act as an instant pain relief treatment.

Side Effects of Gooseberries

There are no actual side effects in this wonder fruit. Including gooseberries in diet is safe for children, pregnant women, and lactating mothers. However, since gooseberries are natural coolants, it can aggravate symptoms of cough for those with cold. When eating gooseberries in high doses, it may cause a slight burning sensation during urination.


  • Do not wash gooseberries until ready to eat as excess moisture can hasten decay.
  • When cut, place the pieces in a shallow container and cover with plastic wrap. Refrigerate to maintain freshness.
  • Wash, cut and place the pieces in strong sun. When kept in the sun for few days, the gooseberry pieces dry up. These can then be stored in air-tight containers for long.

Tips on Preparation and Serving

  • Make a jam of gooseberry and blueberry.
  • Make a desert of whipped sour cream and gooseberry slices.
  • Gooseberry pies are also delicious and can be made easily with ripe pink slices of the fruit.
  • Sugar and elderflower simmered with gooseberry makes a great sauce for serving roasted pork.

Suoer Fruit

The straggling branches of a gooseberry plant in your garden can cause an offset for the backyard setting. However, the taste of delicacies prepared with the ingredient and its number of health benefits is great to ensure that gooseberries are always a part of your diet every day.

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