How to AVIOD late night Food Craving & Snacks

Have you ruined your diet by indulging into late night food cravings? It can be many a time when this has happened and you do realize that these are diet killers. You can hardly resist grabbing a sandwich or that bar of chocolate when relaxing on a sofa to catch up your favorite show. When you wake up suddenly at night, does it seem quite hard to avoid snacking on those delicious cookies or muffins especially when they are the easiest to grab at such late hours? In fact, many doctors have even diagnosed their patients with Night Eating Syndrome

late Night good carving woman taking donut from fridge

Young woman have a Late night craving episode.

Fitness experts state that late night eating can impact weight loss. It has a pivotal role in ruining your diet. When you sleep your metabolism tends to slow down. What you eat before bedtime is most likely to turn into fat cells eventually. There are several factors that can cause you to indulge into eating at night. It is important to realize that many are facing the desire to induce into abrupt eating schedules prominent at night. There are some amazing ways in which you can prevent visiting the kitchen to satisfy your palette hours after dinner.

Though, it is advisable to space out your dietary intake into small meals after every three or four hours. However, here are few of those incredible tips to keep you away from hitting the kitchen before retiring to bed for the night.

Brushing teeth at night

The easiest and the most advisable technique to keep food craving at bay is to brush your teeth after dinner. It helps in curbing your appetite during night. Also, it is good for your dental health as brushing keeps many people from avoiding late night snacks.

Do not starve in daytime

Eat enough during the day so that you prevent hunger prangs at night. When you eat less or starve, you will be so hungry by night that binging will be unavoidable. Eating healthy meals 5-6 times will not just prevent you from night snacking, but your metabolism will also be steady.

Choose to drink instead of eating

Though your meals should be spaced in small portions through the day, try drinking hot water or green tea to soothe your in-between snacking needs. Healthy veggie soups or chicken broths can also work well. Sweetened drinks must be avoided; however, gulping sugar laden orange juice may not be as healthy as you may think.

Staying active

One of the best ways to avoid that binge is to keep moving during the evening. There is great chance that you’d take to unconscious eating when you slump on that sofa after a day’s work. Take up some job during the evening to keep yourself busy. Play an indoor sport like table tennis, lawn tennis, volleyball, basketball. It stops the craving and also burns up some calories!

Keeping junk away

If you just cannot control late night cravings, make sure the intake is healthy. The fact is that if you stack less junk food in your house, you will only take to healthy dietary regime. Having fruits and vegetables at any part of the day is good as these have very little calories.

Keeping yourself from night food cravings isn’t that tough at all. These steps will prevent you from eating too much to satisfy your palette. It is the heart that mostly controls your indulgences. So, take adequate steps to avoid visiting the kitchen during late night hours. You will be amazed to find how you too can control your weight in record time.

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