Combat baby fat weight loss Ideas


Woman showing pregnancy belly fat

Ideas on how to combat Pregnancy Belly fat :)

Feeling the baby develop within you and the bump gradually increasing in size is surely a satisfying sight. However, most pregnant women also worry about how to lose that excess weight post the baby is born. After the little bundle of joy arrives in your life and you finally have a routine in place, you now wish to get back to shedding that flab. It appears more like a raisin sitting there and making you feel worse by being stagnant.

The idea of watching a celebrity in hospital clothes and next seeing her on the red carpet in a tight number looking sexy as ever can be awful. How do they do it? Of course, these women do have access to a lot of things and they work hard to get that lean self again, but you can do it too. How? You’re not sure of where to begin. Here are some of these great ways to get back into your pre-pregnancy bod again.

Just get up and move

Being a new mother surely deprives you of your sleep. In fact, to be able to put time for exercising is overwhelming enough. It definitely is tasking to make workouts get into your schedule. Most women’s body isn’t ready for serious exercising until six weeks at least. For those that have undergone cesarean it can be longer.

But when you can do your regular work without much difficulty, start to take a walk near the block. Each day give time to walking down a few steps. Keep increasing the steps limit with every passing day. You don’t even have to leave your neighborhood. It can burn up to 150 calories even with brisk walking. Also, you can easily burn that much of calories walking up and down the stairs. Cardio exercises can be taken up 3-5 times a week, 20-30 minutes. So, basically you can choose the kind of workout you want to do.


When you breastfeed, there is a need for extra 500 calories a day. Even if you sit all day long, you could still be losing body weight. However, remember when you stop breastfeeding you could be gaining weight. It is recommended that you start consuming balance diet or just take up an effective exercise routine. There are many women that have been able to get to their pre-pregnancy body just by breastfeeding. You could also be that lucky lady to be able to adjust your weight back to what you were.

Lift weights, get strong

Weight training essentially goes a long way to accelerate metabolism and initiate weight loss. Your baby can also be a part of the process. Place the baby on your chest and press your body upwards towards the ceiling. Get your squats correct by adding some weights to your exercise plan. If you naturally have to be on your toes all day long taking care of the baby, including weight lifts in your fitness routine will surely be extremely effective.

Watch your calories

Do not fill your diet with empty calories as it will only cause you to pile more fat. It’s imperative to balance your food groups. Do not go into a diet routine right after childbirth. Let your body repair itself back. Eating small frequent meals through the day will keep hunger pangs at bay and prevent you from eating too much. When your calories are distributed through smaller food portions through the day it only makes metabolism efficient with less possibility of fat storage.

Healthy snacking

If you consume too much sugar laden foods, you are most likely to eat whatever you get your hands on. But, when you choose only nutritious foods and stock up on these ingredients, you will reach out to eating healthy only. Also, consuming high fiber snacks like veggies, whole wheat crackers, etc. will elevate digestion.



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